About the Webmaster & this Site

The Webmaster -
      I, Jim Coffman, the webmaster and creator of this site, am in no way or have I ever been affiliated with MFG, or any of MFG's companies. So why do I do this? Why this website?
      I'm an enthusiast and hobbyist. An MFG was my very first boat. The construction, and condition of the boat intrigued me considering how many years it had sat neglected out in the open elements. My research about my boat was quite troublesome, and quite often left me looking for more. I eventually ended up with a majority of what you see on this site. So I decided to make it a little easier for others when they try to research their MFG.
      As I said before, I am not MFG Boat Co. Most of what you see here is what I've had to purchase, which I'm graciously sharing with all through this site.

The Message Board -
      Many informative websites like this, start out as just that, a site with some information. Not this one. Thanks to Kelly Wood, of www.fiberglassics.com, this site started with it's own message board the day it came online. This message board is for all to share. But please, I ask you to abide by these simple guidelines, and please keep in mind...
   I, the Webmaster, have the right to delete any message, deemed inappropriate or that does not conform to these guidelines:

#1) No swearing, argueing or sexual interjections of any kind.

#2) Placing of ads is allowed,
but you must include a valid email address, location and price. It must also be MFG related, if it is not MFG related, it will be deleted. Non-MFG must be submitted to the webmaster for approval to be placed on the Classifieds page. Notices of upcoming events, eBay notifications, etc. are greatly appreciated.

#3) All posts must have a valid email address. If you wish to leave your email address anonymous, please contact the webmaster for pre-approval.

#4) Enjoy the site, and the Message Board.

Owners Pages & Registry -

      The Owners Pages are where everyone can show off their boat, it's progress in restoration, and final outcome. These pages are written by the webmaster based on information and photos submitted by Registry owners.
      The Registry was designed so other owners can have a better idea of where other owners are, or to contact them concerning their boat.

Classifieds -
      This section is for all the items For Sale. It is written by the webmaster based on information submitted by the seller. Any ads posted will run for a minimum of 30 days. The webmaster has all rights to refuse any items submitted for sale.

One Last Note:
      I write this entire website by myself in my spare time. It is just one of my hobbies that I like to share. I do not get paid for any of this. Orders from the Ship's Store fund this website. I do not ask for contributions, or charge a membership fee. Your order is very important, without the Ships Store, this site may not exist. In light of the fact that this site does exist with limited spare time that I put into it, please remember, I do have a full time job, a full time family, and full time responsibilties that come first.