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Written by: mike (Jeep_rs)
Written on: 5/30/2010 7:36:58 PM (Server Time EST)
Subject: looking for info and parts for my Newman

mike (Jeep_rs)  wrote:

HI all!
I have a vintage Newman tri-hull that I am looking for info on. I know they were made in OK, but I can't seem to find any other info on them.
One of the things I am curious about is the twin winches under the rear "deck". Even tho it seems they are set up for a water-skier, I can't fathom how exactly they would work for that, since they have no brake, and the mounting points aren't strong enough for a skier (IMO) I can get pics if needed on these.
I am also looking for a starter (and info ) for the 85 HP Chrysler engine. With impeccable timing, it decided to burn up at the start of our long weekend at the beach :(.
BTW, my 'cheap boat' cost me a grand total of $50 to purchase early last year. I bought 2 boats at a yard sale, and sold the other for nearly what I paid for both!
I had to reinforce the transom at the end of summer, but its been a pretty good toy so far!

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