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Written by: Bill_Davis (glassparnut)
Written on: 7/4/2011 1:50:08 PM (Server Time EST)
Subject: Re:Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!!!!

Bill_Davis (glassparnut)  wrote:

I'm staying as far AWAY as possible from the lake today.... to many NUTS out there!!! HA!
Supposed to be near 100 degrees here today, so, after checkin CAREFULLY for any signs of Thoms GATOR larve, might play in the pool for awhile. Tonight, plan to cruise around the block on my 68 Schwinn Stingray, and watch the neighbors burn THEIR money!!!! HELL, even SPARKLERS are $5.00 a box these days....and half of 'em are DUDS!!!UUUGGGHHH!!! HA!
Happy Birthday AMERICA!

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