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Written by: Thom Adams (Dr_Frankenmerc)
Written on: 6/15/2011 9:24:43 PM (Server Time EST)
Subject: The Widow

Thom Adams (Dr_Frankenmerc)  wrote:

We eased The Widow off the trailer and into the lake.
She floated the big v6 Merc with ease.
ShortShaft eased the beast away from the dock and planed her off at an idle.
Short Shaft sunk in his spurs and rode the Wild Beast as I ran the video camera.
I rode with Vernon Turner in his yellow G3 to shoot the video.
We were doing our best to catch SS & The Widow, but it simply wasn't going to happen.
Later SS reported that he had not reached the speed I had due to The Widow's determination to spew him and run free!!!

Then,...I was given the helm.

Short Shaft's "The Widow" allowed me to survive the ride.
Like a wicked hearted Professional Rodeo Bull that can spew its rider at will and then stomp the adventurous cowboy into the mud - The Widow let the ole Doctor know just who was in control.
It was NOT the good doctor.
I eased the beast up onto a plane, slowly trimmed the hull to lift the nose from contact and eased the throttle to just over 2000 RPMs.
A mere idle when holding the reigns of a beast known to turn 8000 RPMs with ease.
I could feel the wind was flying by at a pretty good rate as I began to ease down the foot throttle just a wee bit more. Then,...The Widow took over!!!
At first it was as if she was going to make a torque induced lunge or two and dare me to widen on the throttle a bit more as she freed herself from the water.
Feeling her chance to break free and fly without use of wings The Widow stood up on her propeller and went bezerk, lunging from side-to-side coming out of the water completely first to Port and then to Starboard and back to Port again and again as I stuffed the trim and eased out of the barely tripped butterflies.
I hung on with everything I had.
I couldn't believe it. It was the wildest experience of Prop Walking on a small hull I had ever experienced.
The Widow's v6 Merc CLEARLY wanted to be further down the lake than The Widow was prepared to be pushed with such horse power.
I've driven my share of Wild Rides and drank my share of water due to unscheduled swims caused by such monsters, but on this day,...The Widow allowed me to stay dry and at the helm.
It was then that I knew what ShortShaft meant when he warned me that The Widow had way too much power and,..."a mind of her own."
I would have really liked to have had NUT beside me in the cockpit, but simply hearing about this Wild Widow Maker should be warning enough to any OMC fans that think for a second that they have 'big' HP on their G3s.
When I returned to the dock SS checked the GPS speedometer and asked me how much throttle I had used.
I told him that I doubted I had much throttle open at all - maybe WOT on the timing with the butterflies just beginning to trip open - around 2000 RPMs +/- a few hundred.
SS showed me the GPS speedo's memory reading - it was 62 MPH.
I can't imagine what speed this Merc would produce on an appropriate hull design, but I'm sure the day will come that SS will have that answer for us all.
The attached video is of The Widow with SS at the helm.
There was a bit more video at the beginning of the attached video clip, but it vanished when I uploaded it to YouTube.

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