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Written by: jimsavage (jimsavage)
Written on: 6/10/2011 10:42:18 PM (Server Time EST)

jimsavage (jimsavage)  wrote:

Spent much of today and tonight with Dr. FrankenMerc (Thom) from Shelton, Wash., who along with his wife arrived here in N. Florida a few days ago and are now the guests of SS Bill Wehunt and wife, 8 miles from me.

The Doc has blessed my "wimpy 650", (I caught him with tools near it)!! And he is also tweaking some of SS's, Shannys, and Vernons Mercs that are at Bills shop!!

"The Dark Side" has come full circle now, and should I say more to our OMC "friends"??

Pics taken tonight:

I will say "beware, the Doctor is In"!!!!

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