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Written by: Mike Russon (mrusson)
Written on: 3/1/2009 11:26:06 PM (Server Time EST)
Subject: Update this weekend

Mike Russon (mrusson)  wrote:

Dear gang,
I had a few hours on Saturday to cut some wood. I was able to get the main bulkhead cut. I used the old bulkhead as a template, including the lower half. I toyed with the idea of making a solid glass lower section, but i was amazed at how little rot the bottom section had, so i figured i would glass a new piece of wood in.
I used the lower as a template as well. At least i know this is the same size as original.
I also got crazy and cut two side panels to play with. They are all just sitting there and not attached, but i wanted to see the full pieces so i could get ideas about storage cubbies and such. I will be cutting more Monday night and hopefully i can have the rear bulkhead cut and fit by then. Everything is just rough cut, and needs to be sanded a bit to true up the edges, but i love the smell of new wood. Epoxy smells worse, and that will start shortly.

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